Ruthie's Newfies
 Colorado breeder of pure bred AKC redgistered Newfoundlands Dogs
The Gentle Giant. 
We recommend these dogs to anyone with  or without a family. They make a great companion, having the most tender of hearts!
Newfoundland Puppies for Sale in Colorado
Newfoundland Dog Breeders in Colorado
  1. Temperament
    The Newfoundland dog is calm and docile at nature. Highly loyal and an ideal working dogs.
  2. Health
    Most "Newfs" live to be 8 to 10 years of age; 10 years is a commonly cited life expectancy.
  3. Some history
    The Newfoundland shares many traits with Mastiffs, St. Bernard and English Mastiff, including stout legs, massive heads with very broad snouts, a thick bull neck, and a very sturdy bone structure. In fact, many St. Bernard Dogs have Newfoundland Dog ancestry. Newfoundlands were brought and introduced to the St. Bernard breed in the 18th century when the population was threatened by an epidemic of distemper. They share many characteristics of many mountain dog breeds such as the Great Pyrenees. The Newfoundland breed originated in Newfoundland, and is descended from a breed indigenous to the island known as the lesser Newfoundland, or St. John's dog. The Mastiff characteristics of the Newfoundland are likely a result of breeding with Portuguese Mastiffs brought to the island by Portuguese fishermen beginning in the 16th century.

Our Newfies

Maggie is from Tenderhearted Newfoundlands. Ginger is her mom and Duke is her dad.  They both come from  good strong blood line. She weighs about 100 lbs
Breezy comes from Moore Newfies. Her parents are Duke and Chrysantaemum. Duke is lanseer black with white markings and Chrysantaemum is Black. She weighs about 100 lbs​
Max comes from Coal Valley Newfoundlands.  His mom is Guinevere who is Brown and Noah his dad is Black. Both very beautiful adults All from great bloodlines. He weighs about 115 lbs  
The Newfoundland Dog

You will never find another dog like it!

You can trust that your children are in good hands with this gentle giant. From gaurding to rescuing to keeping
you company when lonely. They are the best at what they do. 
Lovable , cuddly, and a bit of drool! But we Love it all!!